For this example, you need a running broker with a WebSocket STOMP transport and an appropriate message/event generator. Since bowerick version 2.1.0, the bowerick standalone broker includes an appropriate message/event generator. Below is an example for starting bowerick broker instance, which includes a message/event generator:

    java -jar bowerick-2.2.2-standalone.jar -A

With this command, the broker will use a pre-defined default and open a WebSocket STOMP transport on localhost ( on port 1864. If you want to connect to the broker from another computer/device you can start the examples as follows:

    java -jar bowerick-2.2.2-standalone.jar -A \
        -u "[\"ws://\"]"

Once the broker is started, you connect to it by pressing the "Connect" button on this page.

Connection Settings

Broker URL

Topic Name

A-Frame Visualization